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Glossary of Terms

"something mean"
"Hello, want to be friends?"
Maybe if we ignore it, it will go away.
I am trying to think of something mean to say.
I have thought of something mean to say, but it is really mean.
[turns red]
I know something mean to say, but you are really cute.
Clearly, you are already in pain, and I should say something comforting.
Doesn't life suck?
Doesn't life suck for them?
hehe ok
I am embarassed to say so, but what you suggested sounds like fun.
Wow, you think that is funny?
Sounds like life sucks for you. On the bright side, I am about to give you some really bad advice to show you things could be worse.
I am judging you right now.
Your sophomoric argument was confusing enough that it required 5 seconds to find a counter example.
Oh, yeah.
Either I am about to say something profound, or you just did.
You are right
I am no longer interested in your opinion.
A friend of mine...
One day I hope to have experienced something myself, but until then, here is someone else's opinion.
I am not really saying anything about your mother. No, it is really about you.
I enjoy your company.
"something nice"
"Beautiful, let's go get lost in a corner."
I would save you from a Bus.
Please be careful when crossing the road, I am more likely to miss you than that Bus.
Elizabeth told me...
While normally, I might value your opinion, in this case, I don't.
Natarajan says...
The upcoming comment is about food.
Glenn would say...
The upcoming comment is all about the ladies...
synonym for demanding, but with a positive connotation.
Advanced Play
From board games: What you suggest is either a good idea, or you don't know what a good idea is.