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A statue of a lowland Scot, engaged in the traditional sport of killing Englishmen, and rescuing cattle from English bondage.

Keddie, Norah Scott (1919-1986)
"It's no use looking into your ancestors. You'll find they're all murderers and cattle thieves."
My grandmother, speaking to my father.

So, my last name is Keddie. Keddies make up a Sept of the Ferguson clan.

The story I was told was that the name might derive from some guy named Eddie, presumably a servant of Fergus, or a servant of some son of Fergus (ferguSON). Well, one other way to add that 'sons of' modifier to a name is to prefix it with Mac, as in MacEddie. Say that four times fast, and you get Keddie.

Often people lie to themselves, thinking that their ancestor were great kings. I have no such pretense. My ancestors were at best honest bakers, and at worst border reivers, and cattle theives. What I tell people is that my ancestors were still painting themselves blue when their ancestors were doing astronomy.

What I do know is that many of my immediate ancestors are noble, and I know this by their deeds. Also, my immediate ancestors are civilised, and their gift of knowledge to me is priceless.

If you are actually interested in famous Keddies, then you are out of luck, because there aren't any. Instead, try my Family, some of whom are renowned authors. Or, you could start trying to find out what happened at the Keddie Motel.