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Wizard people, dear reader, and super heroes do exist. Although in their lives they may appear to be mild-mannered reporters, you can discern their true identities by the fact that they always seem to be in the right place at the right time. They have an array of talents which no mere reporter ought to have. Although they may be confronted with danger, and although it may appear that they flee from it, oddly in the end the danger, thwarted, will pass them by.

You can recognize a super-hero by these qualities:

  1. An absurd name, typically with either a ridiculous rhyme scheme, or contrived initials.
  2. A wide variety of interests, usually in more than one discipline, often with both physical and mental powers.
  3. An uncanny tendency to serendipitously be in exactly the most dramatic location at the most dramatic time.

It has been my pleasure in this life to encounter a number of people who are prime candidates for super-hero status. Some of them can be found in these pages. However, to protect their identities I will not name the secret identities of the super heroes I know: that is an exercise for the reader. See if you can spot them.


(Note: Currently I just link to public web pages, because I consider them fair game. If you don't want this link, I'll remove it. Also, if you want me to link to something, let me know. Eventually I will cleverly link to both text from me, and external sources. This list is woefully incomplete, please don't take offense...)

(Another note: This list is currently in chronological order.)

The Early Years

Brett Sanger (nee Borger)


David Liben Nowell

Westley Weimer

Donna Weimer


Trey Smith

Helen Rennie

Jason Rennie

Deanna Rubin

The IBM Years

Kiri Wagstaff

Natarajan Krishnaswami

Daniel Prorok

The Salon Des Geeks

David Cairns