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If you are Iain Keddie, then you are the primary audience. I intend this wiki to be at its heart a reminder of what you found interesting at one point or another, what you sought to remember, and perhaps a few things you wish to forget.

If you are not Iain, then please remember that the content here is not for you, although you may find it interesting. I encourage you to discuss pages. Please feel free to edit pages, or create new ones. Tell me a story, tell me something interesting, ask me for an opinion. Mock. Correct spelling.

I chose MediaWiki to run this site. Mostly because I felt it would be well maintained in the future, and also because it backends to MySql which seemed more secure to me than storing writeable files on my host. There is substantial documentation[1] of the interface. In order to make edits, you need me to create a userid for you. This is very simple. Contact me, and ask me to do it.